A "maso"

A "maso" is a typical rural farm, with a farmhouse made of stone and with its adjointing lands.

It is where the Trentino civilization and culture have their deepest roots and are synonymous for precious lands taken from the mountaind, a region of fields, valleys, vineyards and mountains.

Life here goes at its own rhythm. Everything is in symbiosis: Nature, farming, grape-growing, work, family.

Maso, owned by the Togn family, embodies all of this: here we have an old 18th century "maso" that has been recently renovated in full respect of local landscape but with a new architectural interpretation of its structure.

The "maso" is surrounded by fifteen hectares of land, ten of which are planted with vineyards, ideally positioned for altitude, soils, exposure to the sun and protection against cold winds..

The Togn family began renewing the vineyards in the nineteen seventies, leveling and draining soils, and creating new rows of vines. This extraordinary site is perfectly expressed in the bouquet and flavors of these wines.

The new cellar, built in 2004, has a large pergola with a panorama of the Rotaliana Plains and cna host several hundred people during tourisy holiday and cultural events.